by Prince Parker



Inspired by the Copperas Cove High School Band



Back in the day
Back when I was tappin’ away
On my snare drum
With a pair of diddles
Lend an ear Yall
I can hear Yall in the middle
So listen in
While the whole band they listen back
I drum major on the beat
Nigga my Drum Major made this beat

We gon’ get live half-time let it bang
Like a marching Band
Like a marching Band
Hold it down, like a gang that think they run the town I bang
Like a marching Band
Like a marching Band


Take the field and get yo shine
On, like the brass in the light
Brass don't like when you crack those pipes
Tack on lights when we practice at night
You could practice all night my spot don't dare to test
You against me I'm not hearin’ that
I would win like a clarinet

So tell me what the hell they gon’ do
I'm on point like a Tondu
Better put some pep in yo step when you prep yo step
Nigga Check you step
And go rep yo section
Move drill sets like an etch a sketch
Better stay on tempo
Double time jack be nimble
Bass five hit hard like Kimbo

One time for the Drum-line
Get in they way guarantee they gon’ slide
You Like a T-Tone nigga stakes are high
Better Tebow take a knee and pray to most high
Yes I am I'm yo guide
Follow me
It can get Rocky:
Apollo Creed
But they can't stop me
Got my band socks to my knees
Sock it to me
Like Nixon
This is

Competition, competition
A compilation of compositions
A common place step's an 8 to 5.
I could march til I'm 65.
Charged up, Battery, play that cadence
Check yo rank we ain't adjacent
I got my hat brim low, eyes too
It's half time so divide the tempo by two


As soon as I get set,
My mind set’s I'm bout to wreck
I'm Already dressed.
I’m Ready for competition
Ready for competition
Go head announce it
I’m Ready for competition
Ready for competition
There ain't no contest
Ready for competition
Ready for competition


released 27 October 2012
Produced By: .phase



all rights reserved


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